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High speed doors, also known as rapid roll doors or fast action doors, are specialized types of doors designed for fast and efficient access in industrial or commercial environments. They are typically used in areas where there is a need for frequent opening and closing of doors, such as loading docks, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and clean rooms. High speed doors are characterized by their fast operating speed, durability, and advanced safety features.

PVC Fabric High Speed Doors

  • Made of durable PVC fabric material.
  • Rapid opening and closing speeds, typically up to 100 inches per second.
  • Advanced safety features such as infrared sensors or motion detectors to prevent accidents.
  • Energy-efficient design with minimal air infiltration, reducing energy waste.
  • Customizable options for size, color, and vision panels.
  • Suitable for various applications including warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

Metal Roll-Up High Speed Doors

  • Constructed with sturdy metal slats or panels.
  • Fast operating speeds, typically up to 24 inches per second.
  • Robust and durable, suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications.
  • Advanced safety features such as safety edges or photoelectric sensors for enhanced safety.
  • Insulated options available for improved thermal efficiency.
  • Customizable options for size, color, and window placement.
  • Ideal for environments where security, speed, and durability are crucial, such as high traffic areas or areas with extreme weather conditions.

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